That depends on how tall is your child and on the length of his/her legs. We recommend to measure the length from the groin to the inner arch of the foot. If it’s below 35cm, your child will need the LowKit™ lowering kit. 35cm or more, will be able to ride comfortably. For safe riding on a balance bike, it is necessary that your child reaches the ground with both feet flat, not just with the toes. Around 90% of 2 year-old children need the LowKit™ lowering kit.

With the aid of the LowKit™ lowering kit, usually around 20-24months of age. The seat to ground height on a FirstBIKE with inflatable tyres and lowering kit is 30.5cm. So an inseam of 32cm would be a rough guide as the extra couple of centimetres will allow your child to safely place their feet flat on the ground and have enough space to move confidently.

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Inflatable tyres offer much better on-road & off-road performance (the bike is springy, and therefore, much more comfortable). “Basic” models with solid polyurethane wheels are only suitable for smooth paved surfaces. The Basic model is typically preferred by childcare centres, toy libraries  and customers for whom low maintenance is more important than a comfortable ride.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for technical reasons – it would require replacing several components, including the rear wheel, and drilling into the frame.