Ralf Coerschulte, an avid German cyclist, product designer, and father, developed FirstBIKE with one goal: to build the best balance bike for younger children, allowing them to learn to ride a bike intuitively and without stress.

After years of fine-tuning and testing, he succeeded in creating an unparalleled product that is deemed to be the safest on the market in terms of features supporting a child’s physical development.

FirstBIKE has also proven to be a great helper when it comes to the development of a child’s self-confidence, sense of independence, and enjoyment of learning.

Today, with Dirt Works Australia and other distributors around the globe, the FirstBIKE story continues to grow.


The Dirt Works Australia Story 

Dirt Works began distribution of FirstBIKE into Australia over 10 years ago, way before balance bikes were cool and trendy! Why? With 10 years experience in the cycling industry prior, we knew that there was something special  about FirstBIKE and saw the benefits of FirstBIKE years before they were adopted into the mainstream. Richard, our purchasing director stumbled upon FirstBIKE at the Eurobike trade show in a small corner of a massvie showroom floor. With a young child of his own at the time, saw potential of the bike and brought it into Australia for distribution. Fast forward 10 years, Richard has 4 kids, 2 have grown out of their FirstBIKES, one currently on one and the youngest isn't far off from starting, FirstBIKE has grown to be one of the most known balance bike brands in the market.