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The FirstBIKE was one of the easiest bikes to build and most robust of all tested. The unique handlebar design and locking mechanism a standout that inspires confidence. The seat height is conveniently adjusted by hand but it can be a little fiddly until you get the hang of it. It was one of only two bikes to come with a hand brake suggesting it is built for older children, a notion backed up by the relatively high minimum and maximum seat height. This was the bike of choice for the older, more confident kids on the day of testing. The relatively high seat, sturdy construction and ability to generate good speed are three key factors. The only thing that could slow the boys down was a rear flat tyre, one of the pitfalls of having pneumatic tyres. The Limited Edition FirstBIKE was a standout performer but was also the most expensive bike tested, so there's a decision to be made based on whether the additional cost is worth it. The FirstBIKE was robust, offered plenty of adjustment and seemed the bike most likely to stand up to the rigours that toddlers and young kids would put it through.
- Bicycle Exchange Buyers guide ,
Both my kids have these bikes they are amazing so good In fact my 6 yr old won't get off his on to a pedal bike.
- Lana ,facebook
Our 22 month old son has been waiting to ride his bike around forever but he's just a little short still. I took the bike seat off and now he is running around on it like crazy! We took him to a mountain bike festival this weekend and he rode it EVERYWHERE. We had dozens of people stop us and ask about the bike and take pictures of it. They had other balance bikes there to demo but they were all so much heavier! We love the First Bike! Thanks!
- Brook
First of all my son loves his bike, he's onto me to go for a ride every afternoon, which sometimes we end up riding for 2km!
- Tim ,Facebook
Xavier was so excited when he received his new bike. We were able to customise it so it fit his current taste (since it’s always changing!) and so his bike is black and blue (his favourite colours), there is a cute little blue mouse as his bell and a basket for him to place his water bottle and other collectables he found at the park (we never leave the park without flowers and rocks!). Joel and I also liked it because it was lightweight, the frame is a high tech composite (not wood or metal which is prone to rust, splinter or scratch), there were brakes so Xavier could learn how to stop safely and the tyres were high quality.
- Amy H ,
These bikes are beautifully finished and have great attention to detail - they come in lots of colours and have a range of accessories to keep the little ones happy and give them some options that they can be involved in choosing. We got a little teddy bell and pink basket for Miss M.FirstBIKE use a reinforced nylon composite body which keeps them light and flexible, but what I like is that there are no nasty bolts/cables/screws for our little one to hurt herself on. We have the 'Limited' model which has some nice Schwalbe pnuematic tyres (to match my bike) and the optional brake is fitted. The brake isn't necessary in all conditions but I would recommend if you live in a hilly area.
- Lauren Hunt ,
I can honestly say our "First Bike" has been the BEST EVER purchase we've made in 10 years of having our 4 children. We bought ours 7 years ago for our eldest daughter's 3rd birthday and it's now been through 4 kids and still going strong. Its endured a lifetime of being left out in the harsh elements, thrown around, ridden by every child that visits our house and it still rides like its brand new. One of the best things about it, its given our kids the ability to become confident to balance and steer which has resulted in all of them going straight to riding two wheeled pedal bikes with ease. Honestly, if you are ever going to purchase a balance bike, don't look at anything else, this will outlast anything else on the market, believe me, I know from experience. I was just saying to my husband that I wanted to write to First Bikes to let them know how amazing their bike has been for our family over the past 7 years. When you come across a quality product that can be handed down the family then you're onto a winner!!! Thank you FIRST BIKE
- Rennae Young
My son has been struggling to ride a bike all summer long. His brother was a quick learner when it came to pedaling, but his younger brother just doesn’t seem to get it. The FirstBIKE is perfect for my 3 year old. I love that it looks just like a regular bike minus the pedals. It is sleek and cool; perfect for a child who wants to ‘fit in’ (like my 3 year old) without having to feel embarrassed by falling. It took about a week for him to pick up the concept of the FirstBIKE, simply because we have been constantly pushing the idea of pedals on him I think. Once he was passed the fact that you could ‘walk it’ we were fine. Now, 3 weeks later he is a pro!! Flying down the street and even lifting his feet and balancing on his own! His older brother even pesters him for a ride on it. He has gone from geek to chic on our street!
- Mom Blogger ,PTPA (Parents Tested Parents Approved)
“A limousine ride designed for toddlers…that’s literally what the FirstBIKE™ is. The streamlined lightweight FRP (GFT™) frame combined with the profound symmetry of frame, fork, saddle and wheels affords a child a more than reasonably smooth ride. The comfort of a riding experience devoid of high impact to any part of their body is a residual result.” “For retailers, the FirstBIKE is a new artery of substantial sales just waiting to be discovered. For the consumer, the FirstBIKE is the safety net they’ve been waiting for. It is the perfect enticement to draw a child to take their first steps in learning how to balance on a bike safely. No bumps and bruises with the FirstBIKE, just a well built bike and lots of fun.”
- Plastics Engineer, BS, MA, and PhD ,The Toy Man Product Guide