Mum's Delivery Limited edition review

Wednesday, 23 December 2015 10:30:58 AM Australia/Sydney

Mum’s delivery got a delivery of our Limited edition blue FirstBIKE for review. 

We have been road testing the FirstBIKE Limited Edition balance bike and I am impressed. This German engineered bike offers a safe, fun toy for toddlers which covers all possibilities and safety concerns. In addition to this, it is stylish, easy to use and hardwearing.

The frame of the FirstBIKE is ideal for a balance bike. It is lightweight, making easier for your child to use and for you to carry. The glass fibre reinforced Nylon frame means that it will not shatter or splinter if it is dropped, thrown or used as a landing pad. It also offers the benefit of being weather resistant. In addition to all of this, the frame is made from a non-toxic dye making it safe for children who like to chew on anything.

The frame is softened with a curved Gel seat which helps stop your toddler sliding off. It also offers comfort and is designed to be non-porus so toilet training accidents can be cleaned easily with no detriment to the bike. The handle bars also have soft grips which feel nice when holding. The FirstBIKE Limited Edition come with a ‘kid friendly’ handbrake designed for smaller hands with a ‘soft pull’ making it easier to use. While toddlers initially learning to use a balance bike are unlikely to understand how to use the brake, my son at 2.5 years is able to use it without issue. I like the way it brakes and stops the bike slowly rather than to forcefully lock the wheel which can cause your child to fly over the front.

A great feature for mums is that the seat height is easy to adjust while out and about. I found this useful as you only tend to notice if the height needs adjusting when your child is on the bike riding. To adjust the bike you simply need to unscrew a bolt (no tools needed) move the chair position and res-screw the bolt into place wherever it is best for your child – no predetermined holes to work with. Inquisitive children can undo the screw, however they tend to only do this once and then leave it alone when they realise they then cannot ride without the seat.

For children, the FirstBIKE looks great. It comes with reflective stickers and decals which make the bike look cool and ‘super-fast’.

Some of the extra features the FirstBIKE balance bikes offer include a turning limiter (steerer stop) which limits how much steer your child can do with the handlebars. This helps avoid sharp turns and accidents occurring from these. It comes complete with recessed bolts to ensure your child is less likely to be hurt while riding or should they fall onto the bike. In the FirstBIKE Limited Edition you also receive Schwalbe Big Apple tyres which are renowned for maximum traction

Another feature I like with the FirstBIKE balance bikes comes from the ability to tailor the balance bike to suit your family. They offer a number of accessories including bike bells, baskets and more. Importantly they also offer a lowering kit which will help smaller children to get onto the bike earlier. See our video of the FirstBIKE below:

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Richard Powell