FirstBIKE Comparisons

Tuesday, 5 July 2016 4:34:22 PM Australia/Sydney

Balance bike review

Our Limited edition FirstBIKE got put up against other popular models of balance bike by Bike Exchange and came out as one of the best you can buy! Check out the video or head to for the full written review. 



" Once the kids had had their fun and the parents had cast a more practical eye over the bikes, there were three clear favourites: the Cruzee OvO Ultralite, FirstBIKE Limited Edition Blue and the Kiddimoto Kurve with the popular Pastel Dotty colourway.

From a practical point of view the Cruzee OvO Ultralite and FirstBIKE Limited Edition Blue come up trumps. The Cruzee is lightweight, simple and provided vast levels of adjustment. The FirstBIKE was robust, offered plenty of adjustment and seemed the bike most likely to stand up to the rigours that toddlers and young kids would put it through. The Kiddimoto Kurve won in the fashion stakes and is also the best budget buy, cheapest on the test by over $40.

All of the bikes performed admirably and if one thing was evident after the group test, it's that colour rules above all else for kids at this age."

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Richard Powell