Not All Balance Bikes are the Same

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 4:03:13 PM Australia/Sydney

FirstBike Kids balance bike

Not all Balance Bikes are built the same! Yes, some look very similar and to the general population, spotting the differences can be hard. The following article won’t go into the details of the benefits and why you should be buy a balance bike but will look at the little things and differences that don’t feature as a highlight but are the things that make FirstBIKE a better option.

History– FirstBIKE’s were designed in Germany, by Ralf Coerschulte, a designer and cyclist who wanted to create the best balance bike for his children so they can learn to ride intuitively without the stresses that are associated with learning to ride. Original models were made of alloy and over years of fine tuning, the final design went into production over a decade ago. With parts made by companies that supplied to the likes of BMW, no expense was spared to create the best balance bike on the Market. Fast forward to the present and we’re still fine tuning the little things that make FirstBIKE the best in its class!

Frame- The most important part to any bicycle is the frame. It’s not just the design, shape and colour that make FirstBIKE unique. The frame is not just a plastic! It’s a Glass Fibre reinforced Nylon (GFT). Yes, it’s easy to just call it a plastic or resin but in reality it’s so much more, unlike traditional plastics, the GFT does not shatter and won’t break into tiny shards and unlike wooden bikes will not splinter when they break. The GFT frame gives a certain amount of flex so the frame is not a complete rigid structure, so when a child falls onto the frame, there is shock absorbing action to reduce the impact when falling. The GFT frame is 100% weather resistant, unlike steel, it won’t rust and unlike wood, it won’t swell and delaminate. Even though Alloy is rust proof, they still oxidise to create a white powder on any exposed surfaces. It’s a one piece moulded design and even with wear and tear, the FirstBIKEs can be left outside exposed to the elements and you will be guaranteed that the frame will not be affected, making it one of the most durable products on the market and something that can easily passed on and retain its value. Another small thing we take for granted is the colour, we get asked a lot about the colours being quiet dull and basic, that is, the frames are made from a completely non toxic dye and use minimum colour brighteners. Any parent with kids will know that children will chew on anything and we’ve made the frame to be fool proof and safe in every way possible.

Brakes – We’re not the only balance bikes on the market with a brake but did you know our brakes are specifically made for the hands of toddlers, the FirstBIKE brake is not an adult brake fitted on, we use a soft pull kids brake that make it a lot easier for kids to use.

Steerer Stop – There has been good debate over the use and need of a steering stop on kids balance bike. Our reasons for using  a steering stop is to prevent the bike from rolling out under the rider when they turn the handlebars too far around, a bit hard to describe in words but we’ve seen it many times. The other benefit of a steering stop is to prevent the handlebars from spinning all the way around and the rider getting their limbs or body stuck between the bars and frame. Steering stops also help prevent over steering preventing quick sudden turns that can lead to crashes.

Not sharp protruding parts – rounded frames and all protruding nuts and bolts are recessed! Not just rounded or minimised, they’re completely counter sunk into the frame and nothing sticks out. Accidents happen, FirstBIKE are designed to prevent even the simplest of injuries! 

it's these little things that don't end up on the features page but are important things to look for when picking up a balance bike

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